Revitalizing the blog with Hexo, Concrete, and PM2

Just a super-geeky post. I was using node-wheat for blogging for a while because it was super-easy to set up, and would just operate off a git repo. Pretty cool, but I never got the time to add some of the features I wanted, and it doesn’t appear to be maintained any more, despite it’s coolness.

Anyway, I just converted the blog to hexo which is very similar (uses markdown as well) but has some super-sweet features, namely gists, jsfiddle integration, and some other fun stuff. On top, it generates all the static files so the site is super-fast.

The setup

  • Github: basically my editor, accessible anywhere
  • DigitalOcean: $5 hosting, full control
  • Hexo: blog engine, some really excellent features (for a programmer)
  • Concrete: super simple ci server, hovers the repo and gets notifications from Github, regenerates static files with hexo
  • node-static: actually serves the site
  • pm2: kickass process monitor for node, think supervisor if you’re from python-land but with some neat features.

That’s it. Super-simple setup, easy to maintain, updates automatically, and no plugins to get hacked and create spam :) Hopefully with some new shiny I will make more time to blog about current challenges.